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She heard them splash through the waves, dragging him with them. Whirling around, she did not realize she was running towards them until her feet met with water.
Just minutes before, he had been lying next to her on the beach, just a few feet closer to the shore, when the great wave washed over them unexpectedly. She had felt it tugging at her and had cherished the feeling of the cool water against her heated skin, but when she opened her eyes, he was gone. Every trace of him was gone.
There had been a cry that had been her own, and a pair of feet on the beach, half-hidden in the sand, so she had fallen to her knees where the head should be and started digging, not realizing that it was not him, that it could never be him, while her hands frantically shoveled sand, trying to find a face underneath.
Outside her range of vision, others began to move and minutes later, when her hands finally met with warm flesh and the wrong face broke through the sand, gasping for air and thankfulness in
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wth? by Eleija wth? :iconeleija:Eleija 0 0 Laura Roslin WiP by Eleija Laura Roslin WiP :iconeleija:Eleija 0 2
Angel's Fall
He was the one the creator cherished above all others, and he feared and loved him as the child he was to him.
And Lucifel held his father close to him heart, even though when he walked through the city of angels, he saw the ones that were less fortunate than he was and doubt sprang up in his chest and began to claw at his very self.
It was love that kept him from mouthing his concerns, love that made him, the First Star, stow away everything that he feared for and of his great father, for he could not bear the thought of the creator confronted and accused.
It was love that kept the father, who sees all and knows everything, from singling out the child he loved best, for he knew there was no way to change Lucifel's mind without corrupting him, and he trusted his child to follow his own conscience always, one that he himself had made flawless.
So Lucifel gathered his friends and told them of the great injustice in the divine plan and after a lot of fret and fright and doubt, they believ
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ID by Eleija ID :iconeleija:Eleija 1 8 About Time.. by Eleija About Time.. :iconeleija:Eleija 1 3
Night of Silent Goodbye
Night of Silent Goodbye
„I know this is not the best of times for an announcement,“ his voice was as full of authority as ever, even though the little bit of alcohol had softened it and he had lowered it due to the late hour.
For the first time in the last hour he moved his left foot, carefully, so she would not loose her balance. For one whole hour she had been sitting at the bonfire, leaned against his lower leg and always tempted to tilt her head back and look up in the clear night sky, which the full moon had bleached to a beautiful middle blue. What had kept her from doing so was the fact that this would have inevitably led to her head resting on his thigh.
„But I don’t want you girls to walk back to the quarters alone or in pairs. There is some kind of soccer party going on right next to it and there are some really strange guys hanging out there...”
She felt a sudden rush of fondness and savored it, knowing that she was not the only one aroun
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Heron... The End by Eleija Heron... The End :iconeleija:Eleija 0 3 Heron - Helena by Eleija Heron - Helena :iconeleija:Eleija 2 3 Ideas Are Bulletproof by Eleija Ideas Are Bulletproof :iconeleija:Eleija 0 7 Fiora by Eleija Fiora :iconeleija:Eleija 0 5 Phoenix - Micon Lineart by Eleija Phoenix - Micon Lineart :iconeleija:Eleija 4 1 Childhood Dreams 2 Lineart by Eleija Childhood Dreams 2 Lineart :iconeleija:Eleija 0 2 Leandra by Eleija Leandra :iconeleija:Eleija 1 6 Landos + Iwen by Eleija Landos + Iwen :iconeleija:Eleija 2 17 Kitaia by Eleija Kitaia :iconeleija:Eleija 1 4

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Snape's Epilogue
It was the purest white he had ever seen. Blinding, almost, yet he was not squinting. In fact, he was not scowling, either. Severus Snape’s trademark expression had abandoned him, leaving behind one of tranquility and content. He felt as if the overwhelming gravity that used to pound on his head, furrow his brows, and slouch his shoulders was gone. He felt light, yet stable on what was now soft, dewy grass.
All around him the brilliant white was fading away to reveal a small clearing in a green and luminous forest. There was no sun. Every leaf, every blade of grass, every flower petal seemed to emit its own yellow light. Severus could feel the damp blades between his bare toes, making him aware of his own nakedness. He looked down on his bare arms to find that while he was still pale, his skin had lost its usual sickly pallor. He touched his face, almost surprised to find it still there. He was still a being, still a form. He half expected to be a cloud of dust.
It was complicated
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Heart Attack
Your heart keeps beating
me up- please make it stop or
I'll start beating back.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Well.. I guess there is not a lot to say.
I love to draw, to sew and to cook, but I actually write more than any of these.
Since I am basically never satisfied with the results, I spend most of my time an DA watching ;)
I am a student of Veterinary Medicine, and I fiercefully love my Uni. I love spending time there, I love my teachers, I love animals, sometimes I even love my fellow students.
I am not sure what I want to be when I grow up, but I am pretty sure it is not going to involve dogs, cats or guinea pigs, so small animal medicine is out.. - Which does not really narrow it down.
I also play the piano. Not very well.
That's about it.


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Mystic-T Featured By Owner May 13, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Bist du jetzt Herzexpertin? Komm mal vorbei ;-)

Wie geht's dir so? Stress nachgelassen oder unverändert hoch?
Ich kann nächste Woche ENDLICH mit Masterarbeit anfangen - mal gucken was das wird. Betreten Neuland, keiner hat Erfahrung und alle versuchen sich so durchzuwühlen... hoffentlich mit Erfolg!
Wie stehen die Pläne bezüglich eines Treffens? Ich bin jetzt leider schon wieder ausgeplant mit Tschechien-Reise, Pfingsten, Turnierwochenende und Lehrgang. Ab Mitte Juni könnt aber was gehen ;-)

LadyMothwing Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Danke dir vielmals für's :+fav:en! :D
Eleija Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Nichts zu danken! - Ich habe deine gesamte Galerie sehr genossen und werde auf jeden Fall auch noch etwas zu ein paar Sachen schreiben, nur fehlt mir leider gerade irgendwie die Zeit zum Schlafen, geschweige denn, etwas anderes zu tun - Studieren kann doof sein ;)
Meine Ausflüge in die Galerien anderer Leute sind noch immer der letzte Akt der Entspannung, bevor ich abends tot umfalle (und mich dann morgens aus dem Bett quäle, um mir eine Stunde pidgeon-Englisch zum Thema Herzultraschall anhören zu müssen - Warum? *theatralisch zu Boden sink*)
Ich verspreche aber, da kommt noch was ^^
LadyMothwing Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Danke auch für's :+devwatch:en! :D
LadyMothwing Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Danke für das Kompliment! :)

Diesen Zeitmangel kenne ich auch noch zu gut selbst noch aus dem Studium - wie auch die Sprachschwierigkeiten, nur, dass es bei mir ausgerechnet die Anglistikdozenten waren, die damit aufwarten konnten. :XD:

Ich wünsche dir zumindest einen entspannten Tag morgen. :)
DubuGomdori Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011
Thank you for commenting on Lyanna Stark [link]
from the A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE series.
caycowa Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2011
Thanks for watching my gallery. :)
Eleija Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome.
I loooved the Doomed Tower ;) - Especially Voldy, he's so cute and so evil ^^
KozmotisPitchiner Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011
Hallo Eleija, ich wollte mich auch mehr oder minder persönlich noch bei dir bedanken, dass du meine Zusammenfassung des RPGs ein wenig überarbeitet hast. Manche Passagen lesen sich jetzt wirklich besser. (obwohl ich auch ein Wort abgeändert habe, da ich mir nicht sicher war, ob es ein Tippfehler deinerseits war. Ich hab leider nur noch nie was von 'bitten' gehört, wenn es in dem Kontext um geschlagen oder verprügelt werden geht. Habe es jetzt in beaten up umgewandelt ;) )

Auf jeden Fall danke für dein Interesse und für deine Hilfe.
Soll/darf ich dich in meiner Beschreibung erwähnen, dass du ein wenig Hilfestellung geleistet hast, oder lieber nicht?
Eleija Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
ja, kann sein, dass ich mich vertippt hab ;) - Wenn du willst, kannst du mich gern erwähnen, aber ich besteh nicht drauf ^^
Ich hatte viel Spaß mit Emily und der Gedanke, dass es sich dabei um ein RPG handelt, macht das Ganze noch viel interessanter..
Lieber Gruß,
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